Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Know Thy Self - A Statement and Journey

It has been said many times to "Know Thy Self" and there are many philosophies built around this simple instruction! Above is a "self-realization" I just completed on myself today! You see... I want to be a better man so that I can create a better experience! I believe that we all create on three different levels; 1. though Thoughts, 2. through Words and 3. through Actions. When we use all three combined the results are very powerful! Whatever we focus on, good or bad, becomes our reality and it is strongly suggested that we make the choice daily to focus on the positive and the good!

While I cannot speak for others, I have found for myself that realizing who I am right now is the best way to re-focus my intentions to where they are likely to have the best and fastest positive impact. I have "evolved" in 43 years to who I am today and I choose to actively participate in who I will become.

One of the first positive steps in the right direction towards changing your reality is in the act of making a decision of what you really want. This should then be followed by an unrelenting desire for it and an unending pursuit of it until it manifests into your reality. For me I have always used prayer to manifest into my reality what I choose by making a list of what I want and then by calling it forth into my reality until it manifests. When it seems I am powerless to pursue my desires the one thing I can do that does not cost anything and that no one can stop is "pray it forth" so that is what I do.

I call things forth, I do not ask GOD or the Universe for them!

By calling things forth I am acting upon the belief that I have the ability to create anything I desire for myself. This is an act of faith because I believe that GOD and the Universe have already given me anything I desire, all I have to do is claim it and call it forth. By doing this I need not worry or ponder the "how's" or the "when's" as those are elements that GOD and the Universe will handle. I refer to the Universe as the mechanism that GOD created to deliver to me that which I call forth since I believe GOD to be a genius who established Universal laws and methodologies that I am free to employ. Thank you for reading!