Friday, August 12, 2016

The positives behind the pain!

Yesterday afternoon I had the most awesome time with someone I really enjoy being around. A comment at the end of their visit to my home led me to a bad dream shortly after I went to sleep. I woke up and internally analyzed my "Feelings" because being true to myself I felt both pain and pleasure in these feelings that derived from my bad dream. Searching from within it seems that as you grow spiritually in your wisdom you realize that the polar opposites of #Pain and #Pleasure are often true at the same time instead of being at different ends of a sliding scale!

There are literally thousands of quotes and explanations by Guru's and Master's who arrived at the same conclusion throughout time. Today as I took a drive into the country to pray and meditate I pondered this reality of mine further, the reality where I seemingly enjoy the pain, so much so that I prolong it instead of seeking to stop it. Now this is not always true, certain types of pain are never enjoyable on a conscious level but lets take a look at the Soul level for a few minutes...

I believe that we all originated from the Source (call it whatsoever you choose as humanity has given it many names) and when we are in and with this Source we are in a state of pure joy. We know conceptually that pain exists and what it is but we have no clue as to how it feels. We must, as GOD says in Conversations with GOD book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch "call upon the darkness" where we leave the light of the Source for the darkness of a physical reality here on Earth (or somewhere else) so we can #Experience those things we know conceptually but not in actuality. In this we also evolve...

No one really knows anything much at ll, we make assumptions and gravitate towards what we each believe to be true, usually settling with what resonates with our being.

Sometimes, when in a place of experiencing something that sucks, is painful or that I simply do not like from an external point of view, I laugh to myself because somehow I realize and connect with the deeper part of myself that knows this is all just fun and games. It is up to me as to how seriously I take life and all of these experiences!

The positives behind the pain become obvious once your inner wisdom kicks in and you begin to see it for what it really is, a delicious experience that we can only have in a state of physical reality. This realization makes it easier to endure the pain while we seek out our more natural state of pleasure. To realize this is an awesome experience indeed! I could elaborate but the rest I will keep to myself for now... ;-)