Friday, June 12, 2015

I am a Creator, that is what I do!

I love the "Notes from the Universe" that Mike Dooley posts on Facebook and I woke up this morning and seen this one;

Recently I have embraced, as fully as I can, the fact that I am a "CREATOR" with the ability to choose what I create! Honestly I am torn between the fact that sometimes I have amazing results for myself and sometimes I have no results at all! Personally I have found astrology and the Tarot to be a waste of time since I am actively participating in the conscious creation of my reality and the daily manipulation of the energy of this life to create what I desire. I have had great success and I am thankful in advance for the even greater successes I will have.

One of the hardest challenges we all face is "Never Giving Up" when things seem like they are not moving or working out for us! There is inspiration everywhere, all you have to do is look! From Facebook posts like those shared by Mike Dooley of the movie "The Secret" to YouTube videos on motivation, inspiration and self empowerment. One of my favorite YouTube Channels is YouAreCreators and here is a link;

If you look through the blog archives of this blog I created to express myself outwardly to the world you will see an honest roller coaster of emotions and focus! I am a "Creator" and I do have an impact on my physical reality! I spend time in prayer, usually multiple times daily, and I meditate when I do not feel like praying or I have prayed enough. The Universe sometimes responds instantly which leaves me awe-struck and other times silence! I am developing my skills as a conscious creator and there is nothing unique about this ability as everyone can do it!!!

It does not cost you anything to embark on creating a life you know inside you deserve! Others have what you want and so can you! Thank you for visiting my blog! Have an incredible day and please say a "prayer in agreement" with me asking GOD and the Universe to manifest my desires as I do the same for every man, woman and child on this planet daily!