Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My 3rd entry into my vision board online!

In this 3rd entry into my vision board online I hereby make known the 3 top things that I consider priceless! I have been making known to the Universe my 9 primary choices and my top 3 leads off with "Wisdom" as it gives me a base knowledge to deal with and consciously create everything in my life! Wisdom is my first choice because it enables me to achieve my goals and build the life I choose starting with a solid foundation! I choose for wisdom to manifest into my reality daily because I believe wisdom to be the most solid foundation I can build in this life for myself!

The second of my 9 primary choices which I also deem to be priceless is "Peace of Mind" which derives from the "Complete Freedom" I choose for myself as my second choice! If it were not for the importance of wisdom complete freedom leading to peace of mind would be my first choice! All of the money and possessions in the world would never replace peace of mind for me! I choose for complete freedom and peace of mind to be my daily experience every day for the rest of my life and I consciously choose what I say, think and do to correspond with this choice!

The third of my 9 primary choices that I also deem to be priceless is "Health and Physical Fitness" as these go hand in hand and are considered by me to be the same! To enjoy this life and to live it fully I must choose and therefore do choose to be healthy and physically fit for the obvious benefits that brings to my life. I choose to be healthy and physically fit from the cellular level to the outer level of my body! Most people do not worry about their health or try to become fit until they have a problem whereas I am consciously aware that this needs to be a priority for me. I choose to be healthy and physically fit daily!

I will be adding to this vision board often however my "core choices" have been outlined so far in the first three posts! By posting this blog post so everyone can see it I am making an outward statement to the Universe of what I choose for myself! This is much different than a private vision board I hang on my wall in my office and while I am not sure yet of its benefits or lack thereof I am doing this to inspire others and to boldly present to the Universe what I choose for myself from the very core of my being! As you scroll down you will see what I have outlined and I believe that each of us are worthy of whatever we desire. Too many people simply do not believe they can have what they desire and many more have been told by their friends, family and society that they cannot possibly have what they desire! That is not true! I have created out of thin air many times what I desire and I will do so again and again and again!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Vision Board is Evolving

I am now moved into my new place and it feels really good! Though it is not the new home I visualize for myself it is nice just the same! In my first post I outlined the general things I visualize about and in this post I will get more detailed.

I love money! There I said it, LOL, and it is very true! I see money as a powerful tool that allows me to facilitate the type of "living" I choose to do. I use the term "living" because that is my choice, to live a full life! Most people, including me in my own past, only "exist" and existing is no way to live! Money is most likely one of the things people think about most. No matter if you are super rich or completely broke chances are money is on your mind more often than anything else with only a few exceptions! Money, like everything else in this Universe, is simply energy! Energy flows based on many factors from the extreme polar opposites Fear and Love! Chasing money only sends out a vibe or energy flow that you do not have enough of it and as a result it does not flow freely to you. Try instead to allow money to flow to you and through you! For me I choose for money to flow freely to me and through me in such abundant amounts that I can easily do everything I need to do, want to do and choose to do leisurely!

Having a really great circle of close friends is very important to me and I choose to be a great friend in return! I admit that I often push people away and for that I am sorry! In my heart of hearts I know that I am a great friend to others and that I want to have great friends in my own life! I choose for myself a diversity of awesome friends who are loving and caring!

I started this business some time ago called Elements Energy Solutions and while it is on the back burner for now I do visualize owning my own solar farm someday soon and to be a converter of SREC's (solar renewable energy certificates) on a national level which will require state and federal legislation to be passed in my favor! I do not feel anything is impossible once you set forth the vision as what you desire! I choose to own a solar farm and to be a leader in the renewable energy space on a national level!

As an alpha male and as a guy who, at 43, has never been married and who has no children, I have a passion for diversity on the dating scene. It may be ironic that I am no GQ model yet I seek to date model type women because most people would never see that about me however it is true! I find the beauty of women very appealing and I enjoy causally dating because I have not made the choice to settle down with one woman long-term. I have had some amazing girlfriends and they have all treated me well and put up with my faults. For me I choose to "mingle" and to "date causally" for the foreseeable future!

I love giving from my heart and it is a passion I want to pursue more diligently! Giving makes me feel good and I love to donate spontaneously to others! From giving to an individual in need to a cause, a charity, a civic organization to a church I love giving money to others! I choose to have the ability to give money to others anytime and in any quantity I choose!

Well this has been another snapshot into the visions of Johnny Bryan Giles and I am glad I created this online vision board!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Long before I ever knew about the movie The Secret or watched What the Bleep Do We Know I had been very successful at using prayer to create out of thin air what seemed, at the time, to be impossible! Now at 43 years of age I am constantly evolving and I know from my own experience that we ALL ARE CREATORS and that each and every one of us can create whatever we desire out of thin air regardless of what our current circumstances may be! I know for a fact that thoughts become things and that the Universe wants to do for us quickly and efficiently! I also know it is hard to let go and trust the process once you put forth sincere effort so I dialog with others and share my thoughts on another personal blog you may enjoy reading that can be seen at...

Since I am moving in the next week and have, for some time now, wanted to create a Vision Board I have chose to create one online today, 7/20/13, to project outward to the Universe some of the things I choose for myself! While I will keep some things to myself I do plan on sharing some of my choices for myself here! If you want to create a vision board online too use my simple and easy to follow instructions on customizing your own Blogger Blog and join me then share with me what you created!

I love nice homes and while I am not set-in-stone on where I will live when I have my new home I am going to share some photos of homes that I find appealing with the indication that I am very excited about either building or buying a new home of my own some day soon!

I love automobiles of all types and I have a passion to own a diversity of different models! A car, truck or suv for me is more than a statement others make assumptions about it is about safety, sport capabilities and luxury that define for me comfort! These are some of the vehicles I love and while I am not the type of guy who wants or even needs 10+ vehicles I do see myself owning anywhere from 2-4 at a time at some point as this is my choice for myself!

I have a great business now and I want to be very successful in this business and have new doors of opportunity open up for me! I have recently recommitted myself to my business Expert Business Presentations and I am very excited about building long-term success! I have an amazing portfolio of completed work, many happy clients and turnkey capabilities that set me as a flagship leader in the areas I specialize! Below is an image of one of my many marketing flyers and a video and when you click them you are redirected to my primary website and one of my promotional videos on YouTube. I have a real passion for what I do and my clients love my work! I choose with all my heart and all my being to attract new clients who will pay me for my services and then refer me to others who will do the same! I know my business can be fantastic because I have a passion for it!


 photo VideoImage1_zps3e4e3dee.jpg

I choose complete freedom in all areas of my life and to be both healthy and physically fit so that I can enjoy this life to the fullest! I love to laugh and smile and often I have to admit that although I am happy I do not smile or laugh nearly enough! I choose to change this and to create happiness in all areas of my life by being kind and loving to others and by being conscious of my actions, thoughts and words! I will succeed at this and I will maintain a peaceful life for myself full of love, friendship, adventure and joy!

Now depending on the level of wealth I achieve I may change my mind however for now I choose to purchase a "jet lease card" of some kind that lets me fly privately without the expense of owning my own jet! Personally I choose to fly privately and have access to flying anytime I choose however a leasing card option where I buy time to schedule flights anytime I choose is perfectly fine for me! I know that this will happen I just do not know what will bring it about outside the obvious of being wealthy however I choose this for myself and am happy about this choice!

I love watches and while anyone could spend over a million dollars on select models my choices are not that elaborate! I do however love the quality of certain watches and I choose to have a nice collection of moderate to high-end watches in the near future! Here are just a few I like...

I love the water and I love boating and riding jet ski's on fresh water lakes! There is something about the water that I love and being on the water is very peaceful and fun! I will own one or more types of water craft and here are some of the ones I love!

Camping in-style requires a luxury rv and I know that I will sit inside of an awesome motor-home or 5th wheel rv at a great campground at the beach and mountains at some point in my future!

I love the mountains, especially when it snows! I can see myself owning a nice mountain retreat such as a log cabin or stone mountain home. I will have a lot of fun stocking it, keeping four wheelers in the garage, having a back-up generator and then enjoying it throughout the year with close friends, a g/f and family! I love being around nature and I love riding dirt bikes and four wheelers!

I am human just like everyone else and I have made my share of mistakes, poor judgments and outright bad decisions! Currently I strive to carry myself in a way that others will hold me in the highest possible regard! I cannot change the past however I can be mindful of what I do now and in the future! No one is perfect in the sense described by society and you will never make all of the people happy all of the time however there is a balance I will work to maintain in my life! I choose honesty, integrity and transparency and let others choose to judge me or not! When I pray multiple times daily I seek to build my own character from the inside out and to be mindful of how I think, act and speak! People can then choose to approve or disapprove!

Obviously I could go on and on and on however I will stop this blog post here and state openly that "I, JOHNNY BRYAN GILES, DO HEREBY SET-FORTH FROM MY BEING THE DECISION TO INTEND THAT THE THINGS I HAVE OUTLINED IN THIS ONLINE VISION BOARD MANIFEST INTO MY REALITY!" I know this works and I know that we all create our own realities based on habitual sub-conscious thoughts or proactive conscious intention and it is our freedom and choice to do either! Please wish me great success, say a little prayer for me knowing that I ask the Universe to return to you multiplied whatever good you send my way in the form of prayer, positive energy and positive thoughts! Thank you for reading this!