Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Using the Power of Prayer and the Spoken Word

In this video I outline some of my thoughts on prayer...

No matter what you are going through right now, this too shall pass! I believe, because of my personal experiences, three key truths; 1. Prayer absolutely works and we can all use it and get better at it seeing better results as we evolve, 2. There is nothing beyond us and our only limitations are those we set and/or impose on ourselves and 3. GOD's design is perfect in everything even if we do not see its perfection immediately upon our review!

Jesus said... "These things and more shall ye also do!" and I believe he was referencing the fact that we all have the ability to create out of thin air whatever we desire using only the spoken word!

Now, be careful... What you choose for yourself when you pray brings with it a lot of "extras" that we normally do not think about in advance! It is wise to be very clear about what you want and then to pray about that often, so often in fact that when it arrives we are surprised! Also search out other tools, resources and information that confirms for you what you already believe to be true inside yourself! Here is a video that is really enjoyable!

The YouTube Channel "YouAreCreators" has an enormous amount of resources and information you may find enjoyable! Those who set their intentions, no matter what their outside world suggests, and then chooses the same things for themselves over and over they will absolutely manifest! Believe in yourself, believe in the power of prayer and enjoy the journey of creating your own reality consciously!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Your life is a "Garden of Reality" and how you tend to it maters!

Your life is like a garden and what you sow you will reap! This is a common theme among almost all religious and dogmatic belief systems globally and so I thought I would put my own spin onto this belief as I feel it is true for me.

Ever hear... "Life is What You Make it?" By taking responsibility for your attitude towards life and the choices you make in your daily thoughts you are giving your "seeds" rich soil to take root into and grow! We all have hopes, desires and dreams that we believe to be within the realm of possibility inside our hearts and by planting the seeds of positive thoughts we will eventually have a harvest.

Just like in a real garden "weeds" can spring up very quickly and if you do not uproot them your seeds will be choked out and never deliver a harvest. When we have "positive thoughts" we must tend to our garden by removing the weeds of doubt and fear that spring up out of the blue. Initially this takes some work however by being a good gardener the works becomes easier as you go along. Doubts and fears are "weeds" and we can easily remove them from our Garden of Reality.

Faith is the "water" that makes the seeds of our desires grow! This requires an active participation to maintain the positive thoughts you have had and to believe that they will manifest into your reality. Your "water" is the faith that your work will produce real results and by watering your Garden of Reality daily you are giving the seeds of creation what they need to grow!

Ever hear the saying... "Let go and let GOD?" The "sun" will do its thing by design! I believe the sun represents GOD's original design that what-so-ever we choose for ourselves will manifest to the extent that we do the prep-work necessary until the harvest manifests into our reality! The sun is like the Genie in the Bottle by which your "planting the seeds" combined with "keeping the weeds out" and "watering your garden with faith" is rubbing the bottle and making known your wish! I could use other analogies however I am sure you get the point!

We all have a "choice" to actively participate in the conscious creation of our own reality (i.e. by planting, tending, watering our Gardens) or by letting habitual negative thoughts create cycles of continued negative results that cause us to be unhappy and/or unfulfilled! You can walk the paths set forth by others or create your own path and I encourage you to see the blessings associated with having the authority and power to plant as small or as big of a garden as you choose for yourself because you do control your own harvest! Please read my other posts, subscribe, share this blog with others and pray for my success as I pray for the success of every reader I attract here! The archives may also be of interest to you and thank you for your visit!