Saturday, October 4, 2014

Self Motivation

Here is a photo of my journal entry into my hand written journal on July 31, 2014 @ 12:47am. Below the photo is an explanation as to why this motivates me and what I believe to be the "point" that makes this blog post something interesting you may want to consider.

Today and over the last couple months I have been praying more diligently for the complete manifestation of my true hearts desires. It can be hard to motivate myself at times however I have been pushing myself through and at times forcing myself to pray. One of the things that helps me motivate myself is the events of the past that are almost magical. The image above shows a journal entry I made a little after midnight on July 31st 2014 and what took place later the same day is a huge motivational experience.

When I wrote the journal entry above there were three things going on; 1. I was awaiting for my personal credit to get better, 2. I was driving a rental car a friend of mind Tim had kindly rented for me but I did not think I would qualify for an auto loan because I was self employed and 3. I did not have a large down payment to ensure my ability to get into the vehicle of my choice. As you see from the journal entry above I made a simple request to GOD and the Universe and what I am going to share is the absolute truth...

When I got up July 31st 2014 I "HAD FORGOTTEN MY JORNAL ENTRY, WHICH IS USUALLY THE CASE" and I had received some bad news that some credit I was awaiting to be approved for had been delayed and in fact may not come at all. In a "fuck it" mindset and out of frustration I thought "what the hell" and I went online and applied for a new vehicle loan through a Ford Dealership. I told the Internet Sales Manager that I waned an F-150 Raptor fully loaded or an F-250 King Ranch 4x4 fully loaded and I only wanted to pay $1,000 down. Please note I had forgotten my journal entry and prayer request during this whole process.

An hour or so went by and I was called and told to come pick-up my new Ford Raptor! I went to dinner with my friend Tim and went by the dealership to pick-up the rental car that was in his name so it could be turned in the next day and I let Tim drive my new truck to his house while I drove the rental car to his house. It wasn't until I pulled the rental car into Tim's driveway that it all hit me like a ton of bricks that I had just prayed for and written in my journal a request to "AN EASY NEW VEHICLE LOAN THAT WILL ALLOW ME TO BUY A NEW VEHICLE OF MY CHOICE" and as you may imagine I was in complete shock!

The Universe and my father GOD had granted my request instantly in the same day! WOW! This does not always happen (i.e. I do not always get what I ask for the same day) but it does happen and it proves that it can happen!

I was unconsciously led to apply for the vehicle loan only to realize it was an immediate yes to my prayer request. The combination of my prayers on 7/30/14 and my journal entry that night after midnight led to the experience. While I can afford the vehicle and paid my first payment early, I did not think my credit was good enough and come to find out it was perfect!


I love my new truck which derived through prayer and it is this experience that motivates me to keep pushing forward and praying without failure for what I seek! We are all creators with the same ability to create whatever we desire out of thin air! Keep praying because this investment into yourself will eventually give you the harvest you deserve! Every prayer is a planted row of seeds that will produce a harvest as long as you de-weed the doubt, water with faith and believe in the sun!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Three steps to manifestation!

It has been said many times before and in many different ways however the truth of it is still the same... Thoughts Become Things!

Allowing yourself to believe in your own magic is essential to your success in being a creator! You were created to create! You create your own reality even if you do not realize it! The three steps to manifestation, for me in my experience, is;
1. Have the thought of the thing I choose to have, be or experience...
2. Visualize this thought often and call it forth using prayer or meditation believing you can have it because it exists and it is yours already...
3. Allow it to manifest into your reality via the natural flow of energy by not trying to figure out the hows or whens. Simply let the Universe figure out the hows and whens and believe it will come...

You can open new doors every single day and you are the creator of your reality! Keep searching because anyone who asks receives, anyone who knocks the door is open and anyone who seeks will find! These words are not just words that are powerful truths spoken throughout man's history!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to use the words "I AM" authentically to create the reality you choose!

Using the words "I AM" can have a very powerful impact in your life and in your ability to create out of thin air what so ever you choose! Saying the words "I AM" without believing in your heart they words are true can be a problem though. The video above outlines my personal belief that the words "I AM" are true for three different reasons;
1. My "I AM" statement is true because in the highest version of the highest vision and thoughts I have about what I desire the thing already exists and is rightfully mine so the words are true.
2. My "I AM" statement is true because the thing exists in the spiritual realm where I am calling it forth into the physical realm using my faith and visualization.
3. My "I AM" statement is true because the thing is my reality in the physical realm now having manifested through thoughts, prayers, etc...

Because of these 3 things my "I AM" statements are actually and authentically true!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

I had an epiphany that, come to find out, the information is nothing new and is relative to hermetics!

I am not a guy who claims to know everything however when original information comes to me from inside or the Universe and is immediately substantiated by "outside information" that has been around since the beginning of thinking man I think this is awesome! I do believe, now as my own personal truth, that my soul can beseech another soul! Amazing!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Using the words "I AM" and more about my journey!

Here is the video "Believe it in" and you will enjoy it!

The Secret Language of Birthdays!

I invite you to read the "ARCHIVES" throughout this blog as you may enjoy what you see, or, you may not! LOL!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Stay the Course and be the Creator you are meant to be!

You have a great power within so they say... It is true and I am living this truth daily! I am an average guy with no special metaphysical training nor am I a student of some guru from far off lands! I have used prayer (and there are many mediums of creation outside of prayer) to create out of thin air what I choose and so can you! You have to have a burning desire and be very clear about what you want...

No matter what your religious beliefs are the Universal Laws are the same!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Know Thy Self - A Statement and Journey

It has been said many times to "Know Thy Self" and there are many philosophies built around this simple instruction! Above is a "self-realization" I just completed on myself today! You see... I want to be a better man so that I can create a better experience! I believe that we all create on three different levels; 1. though Thoughts, 2. through Words and 3. through Actions. When we use all three combined the results are very powerful! Whatever we focus on, good or bad, becomes our reality and it is strongly suggested that we make the choice daily to focus on the positive and the good!

While I cannot speak for others, I have found for myself that realizing who I am right now is the best way to re-focus my intentions to where they are likely to have the best and fastest positive impact. I have "evolved" in 43 years to who I am today and I choose to actively participate in who I will become.

One of the first positive steps in the right direction towards changing your reality is in the act of making a decision of what you really want. This should then be followed by an unrelenting desire for it and an unending pursuit of it until it manifests into your reality. For me I have always used prayer to manifest into my reality what I choose by making a list of what I want and then by calling it forth into my reality until it manifests. When it seems I am powerless to pursue my desires the one thing I can do that does not cost anything and that no one can stop is "pray it forth" so that is what I do.

I call things forth, I do not ask GOD or the Universe for them!

By calling things forth I am acting upon the belief that I have the ability to create anything I desire for myself. This is an act of faith because I believe that GOD and the Universe have already given me anything I desire, all I have to do is claim it and call it forth. By doing this I need not worry or ponder the "how's" or the "when's" as those are elements that GOD and the Universe will handle. I refer to the Universe as the mechanism that GOD created to deliver to me that which I call forth since I believe GOD to be a genius who established Universal laws and methodologies that I am free to employ. Thank you for reading!