Sunday, December 22, 2013

I want to share 7 truths with you today!

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you! If you like this post take time to read the archives...

Above is a creation of mine, a simple model really, of what I have experiences, witnessed and believe to be 7 powerful truths and I would like to share my thoughts on each...

1. We are Creators: At 43 years of age I have evolved as a spiritual being having a human experience and I "KNOW" myself as a creator. Recently I have been working to become a better conscious creator and and my first step towards this goal has been my sincere choice to call forth wisdom into my reality daily. The more wisdom I have received from within and substantiated from outside sources and my own experiences have caused me to believe that we are all creators and that we all have the ability to create in this life whatever we desire without limitation. I have experienced for myself that "What we can conceive, then believe, we can absolutely achieve" and this is an awesome awakening for me!

2. How we Create: Most of us, unfortunately, create through habitual unconscious thoughts, words and actions that we have become addicted to and that few of us seek to change. Usually because of some tragedy, loss or hardship we begin "searching" for our own power because inside we know deep within that we can create and this inner knowing has the ability to break through when we are ready for it to. I have experienced my words, my thoughts and my actions, individually and often collectively creating my physical reality. For me I noticed when I have powerful emotions in my words, thoughts and/or actions that whatever I am focused on manifests almost instantly. The "learning curve for me" is when I began seeing almost instant manifestations of what I refer to as the bad stuff (i.e. my fears coming true, things not working out because of worry, etc...). It took this happening many times before I began to see that the "emotions" and the "feelings" that are mixed with my words, thoughts or actions make them manifest faster. Now I am seeking to apply this knowledge for what I choose rather than for what I do not choose.

3. Truth is Relative: Good news right...? We do not all have to believe the exact same thing! While society has defined "right and wrong" through the creation of laws and standards of acceptance, when it comes to religious beliefs, dogmas, philosophy, what tastes good, what is good for us, what sports team is the best, etc... truth, at its core, is relative to each of us as individuals. I have added this to encourage you to open your hearts and minds to taking a look at the truths shared by others and even test them to see if they are true for you or not. If you are seeking wisdom you must be open to the truths shared by others and if you are not you have shut the door on what could possibly be your best discovery!

4. The answer is Yes: I know, its hard if not impossible to believe that the answer is yes to any desire, want or need you have but my experiences have repeatedly proven to me over and over that this is absolutely true! First I had to evolve past the notion that GOD or the Universe were giving, delaying or denying my requests and realize that "I am" the giver and the receiver and GOD and the Universe are the "Observers!" Logically if I give the power to anyone else to say yes or no I then become subject to their will and not my own. If I am to believe and accept that I am a creator then the will of others no longer applies. How I rationalize this is that "GOD IN HIS PERFECT WISDOM CREATED A SYSTEM THAT GIVES US THE SAME POWER HE HAS TO CREATE OUT OF THIN AIR WHATEVER WE CHOOSE" because otherwise he creates an enormous amount of work for him and the Universe to say yes, no, maybe but not now, etc... GOD, as the genius he is, created life for us to experience whatever we choose and this is too good for most people to believe as true. When you start waking up to this fact things become farm more awesome than you had ever imagined before!

5. We have a Choice: Love and Fear are polar opposites and our individual life experiences are based in one or the other with levels of variations between these two polar opposites. My experiences and those experiences I have witnessed in others see clear as day that we are "experiencing" our right now from a foundation of Love or Fear and that it is a choice. Most would argue that "I cannot control having fear" and my reply is that whatever you put after the word "I..." (example; I can..., I cannot..., I am..., I am not..., etc...) becomes your reality by your own creation. I personally started really small in testing the waters of this being true. I started "choosing" to feel good whenever I was feeling bad and 100% of the time my "choice" to feel good won out! Not 99%, 98% or even 75% but 100% of the time I was able, with very, very little effort at all, to change my bad mood or frustrations into a happy mood or carefree feeling.

6. Its all Energy: Thank science for proving this fact... Every single thing from the smallest particle to the largest star is energy! We are energy and everything around us, inside of us or that exists (i.e. to include money, materialism, love, fear, etc...) is energy! Like energy attracts like energy so if you are broke you are putting out a vibration that you are broke and so you stay broke! When you are happy you are putting forth a vibration of being happy and more things show up to make you happy. Since we can all control this vibrational state and since we are energy it is within our ability to change lack into prosperity, disease into health, fear into love and the list goes on. Test the waters for yourself and call forth the energy of money into your reality, first believing it is energy and that it can flow easily to you and see for yourself if it works! It works for me every time!

7. We are not Victims: For many people this shocking news is a deal breaker and they will immediate seek to validate why they were a victim. Instead of arguing why you are not a victim I will simply share that I have experienced for myself an awakening to the "fact" that at least for me my experiences have all been purposeful in making me the man I am today and that includes both the good and bad experiences! We are, in this life, the sum total of our experiences and how we choose to evolve as individuals. If you can accept that we are creators it is hard to argue that someone created a situation for you that you had no control over. The goal is not to beat ourselves up over the past or judge it endlessly but rather to see what truths it holds and what wisdom it gives if but we will receive it. Our souls are on a mission and while many of us may never truly know what that is I choose to believe that my mission is to become a better conscious creator while someone elses mission may be to bring someone to Christianity or to convert a wooded lot into a shopping mall. I now see for myself that the bad in my life experiences derived more from my personal choices and/or my thoughts/words/actions than what I had originally thought. The "bad" does several things for me... a. it gives me perspective, b. it gives me wisdom and c. it ensures that there is a "good" alternative I can create moving forward.

These 7 truths are relative to me, my experiences combined with logic and my personal beliefs! I realize the points of view of others may be completely different and I respect that! My only goal here is to stimulate thought provoking content for the benefit of others and myself! I pray in agreement with you that what-so-ever you choose, believing it is yours, it will come to pass!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

You are even more powerful of a creator than you realize!

A shout out to John Assaraf (from the movie The Secret) for his post this am on Facebook (I follow him) about an "Achieved Board" and I thought I would make this my subject for today. See John's post here;

Also follow John Assaraf on Facebook as he has many awesome shares daily and I love reading them!

John Assaraf was a key player in inspiring me to create this vision board online since I was in the process of moving and could not have one on the wall of my office at the time. Additionally I think sharing my thoughts with the world (or at least those who find my blog) is a statement of confidence when talking about my desires. In the "archives" of this blog, the earlier posts outline my vision for myself and lately I have shared more inspirational stuff!

Most people have a "BLANK" achievement award when in fact they should have hundreds of them if not thousands! You are even more powerful of a creator that you realize because your life is living proof of this when you take a closer look at it! Also every single Teacher, Spiritual Leader, Religious Text, etc... since recorded history began says that we create our own reality!

Have you ever had a prayer answered immediately? Yes, of course you have... Now it may seem too good to be true but this can happen more often than you think it can! Have you ever had a wish or dream manifest some time after you first had the dram or wish? Most likely that is a yes too... The amazing thing is that the moment you had the dream or wish you created that thing, experience, event, etc... out of thin air and it did in fact manifest later on!

Most of us worry about things endlessly and your own power of "creation" either brings those worries to reality or saves you from the worry becoming reality! The good news is that 99%+ of our worries never come to pass but why do we still worry? I think it is "habitual thinking" that we must seek to change. When we change the way we think our reality begins to change to support the new thoughts! There is awesome power within you! Seek it out and grow it!

Unsure of what to do? Seek wisdom daily and apply it when it shows up! Surround yourself with like minded people of the sort that you aspire to be or are growing to be! Believe in yourself and trust that the Universe will provide what you need when you need it and what you desire when you are clear about it! Thank you for reading my blog! Contact me anytime!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Using the Power of Prayer and the Spoken Word

In this video I outline some of my thoughts on prayer...

No matter what you are going through right now, this too shall pass! I believe, because of my personal experiences, three key truths; 1. Prayer absolutely works and we can all use it and get better at it seeing better results as we evolve, 2. There is nothing beyond us and our only limitations are those we set and/or impose on ourselves and 3. GOD's design is perfect in everything even if we do not see its perfection immediately upon our review!

Jesus said... "These things and more shall ye also do!" and I believe he was referencing the fact that we all have the ability to create out of thin air whatever we desire using only the spoken word!

Now, be careful... What you choose for yourself when you pray brings with it a lot of "extras" that we normally do not think about in advance! It is wise to be very clear about what you want and then to pray about that often, so often in fact that when it arrives we are surprised! Also search out other tools, resources and information that confirms for you what you already believe to be true inside yourself! Here is a video that is really enjoyable!

The YouTube Channel "YouAreCreators" has an enormous amount of resources and information you may find enjoyable! Those who set their intentions, no matter what their outside world suggests, and then chooses the same things for themselves over and over they will absolutely manifest! Believe in yourself, believe in the power of prayer and enjoy the journey of creating your own reality consciously!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Your life is a "Garden of Reality" and how you tend to it maters!

Your life is like a garden and what you sow you will reap! This is a common theme among almost all religious and dogmatic belief systems globally and so I thought I would put my own spin onto this belief as I feel it is true for me.

Ever hear... "Life is What You Make it?" By taking responsibility for your attitude towards life and the choices you make in your daily thoughts you are giving your "seeds" rich soil to take root into and grow! We all have hopes, desires and dreams that we believe to be within the realm of possibility inside our hearts and by planting the seeds of positive thoughts we will eventually have a harvest.

Just like in a real garden "weeds" can spring up very quickly and if you do not uproot them your seeds will be choked out and never deliver a harvest. When we have "positive thoughts" we must tend to our garden by removing the weeds of doubt and fear that spring up out of the blue. Initially this takes some work however by being a good gardener the works becomes easier as you go along. Doubts and fears are "weeds" and we can easily remove them from our Garden of Reality.

Faith is the "water" that makes the seeds of our desires grow! This requires an active participation to maintain the positive thoughts you have had and to believe that they will manifest into your reality. Your "water" is the faith that your work will produce real results and by watering your Garden of Reality daily you are giving the seeds of creation what they need to grow!

Ever hear the saying... "Let go and let GOD?" The "sun" will do its thing by design! I believe the sun represents GOD's original design that what-so-ever we choose for ourselves will manifest to the extent that we do the prep-work necessary until the harvest manifests into our reality! The sun is like the Genie in the Bottle by which your "planting the seeds" combined with "keeping the weeds out" and "watering your garden with faith" is rubbing the bottle and making known your wish! I could use other analogies however I am sure you get the point!

We all have a "choice" to actively participate in the conscious creation of our own reality (i.e. by planting, tending, watering our Gardens) or by letting habitual negative thoughts create cycles of continued negative results that cause us to be unhappy and/or unfulfilled! You can walk the paths set forth by others or create your own path and I encourage you to see the blessings associated with having the authority and power to plant as small or as big of a garden as you choose for yourself because you do control your own harvest! Please read my other posts, subscribe, share this blog with others and pray for my success as I pray for the success of every reader I attract here! The archives may also be of interest to you and thank you for your visit!

Monday, October 21, 2013

How to start changing your life today!

There are three things you can do today that will begin to change your life immediately even if it takes some time for you to see the change manifest!

First... Take a look at right here, right now! You have "made it" to today! Regardless of how bad today is or how much you want it to change right now the fact is you have made it through every single problem you have had in the past! This gives a unique view of what is possible in your future!

Secondly, change is constant! This is a fact and not a theory! So, since this awesome news is real, use your mind to think about what you want that change to be and then speak it forth! Call it forth in faith and it shall come to you! Making a choice to "be the change you seek to experience" seems hard but in reality it is very, very easy... Simply think about the changes you want to take place in your life! Share your thoughts with those who will support you and if you have no people like that create a journal and write about the changes you seek to experience. You can also create a vision board online like this one!

Thirdly trust in yourself, your version of GOD and in the magic that exists all around us just waiting for us to discover it! Inside you believe in all sorts of possibilities and you have an unending hope in your being that tells you, if you listen, that your hope is the key to unlock the door of endless possibilities! If you pray... Trust in prayer! If you meditate... Trust in meditation! If you believe in hard work... Trust in your ability to work hard and see real results! If you believe in miracles... Trust that you can experience a miracle manifesting in your life!

Smile often and know that you have far more control over your reality than what you may believe! Please read my "Archives" as I am confident they will inspire you and pray for my success as I pray for the success of every reader of this blog! I am so thankful for your visit and come back soon!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never, ever, ever give up on your dreams! This is why...

It is said...

Wise men and women from the beginning of recorded history have all said the same thing... "Be ever diligent" and refuse to take or accept no as the answer and you will achieve great things! For me personally the combination of two things (as I have stated before) 1. making a clear choice on what it is I choose to have, experience or possess and 2. calling it forth (I use prayer for this) until it manifests have always resulted in me getting those things! As I have evolved as a man, now at the age of 43, it has taken me "TIME" to gain confidence in this technique and to believe that there are no limitations to what I can accomplish. I truly believe that if you have doubt in your heart that alone is the greatest killer of your dreams!

"YOU" yes you, are your best advocate! You are and have always been your best resource! Help from "out there" rarely comes and when it does it is never really as good as you would want it to be right? You and you alone have the ability to make your life into whatever you choose it to be! Pick a technique or strategy or even better create one and then stand by it day and night until it works for you! For me, as I have said here in the blog many times, I use "Prayer" to manifest into my reality what I desire by "TELLING GOD AND THE UNIVERSE WHAT I CHOOSE TO HAVE AND EXPERIENCE" as I believe it to be my birth right to experience anything I want!

I believe that the "spoken word" was used by GOD to create the Universe and all that is in it! I also believe that the Universe is charged with manifesting whatever we desire as it was created by GOD for that purpose! Because of this I "PRAY" throughout the day and night to call forth into my reality what I choose and desire for myself! I do not "ask" GOD for things, except to expedite what I am calling forth, LOL, I simply make it "known" what I seek for myself in this life. When I am diligent and do not change my mind I have always created out of thin air what I desire. Some things are instant, some things take hours, days, weeks, months or years but it is my diligence that ensures what I choose will manifest!

While this will go against most religious beliefs and dogmas I believe GOD's answer is always "YES!" to whatever we desire! Logically how could it be anything else yet most people do not believe this for two primary reasons; 1. they believe that this awesome promise is too good to be true and 2. they believe that GOD spends his time saying yes to some things, no to others and maybe but not now to others and that for me is insane! In Conversations with GOD by Neale Donald Walsch GOD tells Neale this very thing! Having been created in GOD's likeness and image we can have whatever we set our minds to and this promise, even GOD realizes, is too good to be true for most people to believe!

It is free to pray and prayer is the most easy task anyone can do regularly! So why not use it... There is great power in prayer but instead of asking for this or that, try praying for this or that to manifest because you choose it to as asking for it only pushes it away from us! So here is the challenge... Make a list of what you desire and then pray it forth until it manifests then repeat for the new things you desire and repeat again... This is your greatest gift you know, the power to create out of thin air whatever you choose simply by making the choice and standing by it until it manifests!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Believe in Yourself!

All things are possible however there is one simple rule... It is the "Golden Rule" and it is very true!

The Golden Rule... Those with the GOLD... RULE!

The first step to your own personal success is "believing in yourself" and this is also one of the most challenging tasks you will ever take on! The world is full of negativity and if you let it, it will take you over and consume you! The fact is all things are possible and if you let go of fear you see there is nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thoughts create things and you bring about what you think about! YouTube is full of positive videos, speakers like Les Brown and many others where you can get a "shot of positive energy" however the road to success is under your control!

Your road to success requires you to make decisions and sometimes the decision is as easy to make as a right or left turn! Other times you find yourself in a jungle and you have to create your own road.... At times you walk the roads of others for a while until you are unsatisfied enough to look for a new road or build a new road! The key is to always do something! Never give up on yourself or your dreams!

In life many things seem "impossible" however all of those "things" are telling you something... They are telling your heart "I'm" "Possible" if you just listen! DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT... Ask yourself three simple questions; 1. Are there healthy, wealthy and happy people living today? The answer is yes and you are just as deserving to be one as they are! 2. Are there countless stories from very real people who simply refused no as the answer and as a result either found or created the life they desired? The answer is yes and you can be one of those people too! 3. Why does your inner voice otherwise known as your heart keep telling you that life is magical and you can have what you desire? The answer is because your inner voice (i.e. your heart) knows its connection to everything and does not believe in the impossible!

The decision is yours, you can accept life as it is right now or you can choose to "Make it Happen" and do everything in your power to do so! Personally I have been on a mission for some time to create "out of thin air" what I choose for myself! I refuse to take no for an answer and when I find myself in a place where it seems I cannot do anything I can always pray and keep a positive attitude! These two things alone have manifested my desires many times! Read my blog posts and the archives to see what I have shared on this vision board online! May you reach your goals with GOD's speed!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Do whatever you can to make your dreams come true!

Dreams... We all have them and I am referring to the ones where we "think" about what we want our lives to be like! Here's some good news... Everyone, or almost everyone, LOL, who has a life that you aspire to, when asked how they reached it, will, if they are honest, tell you that it was "MAGIC" and that they are so amazed at how things seem to work out when they choose to refuse to take no as the answer!

We each of us hold in our hands (literally and figuratively) the very real power to create out of thin air whatever we desire but most of us never put this promise into practice enough to see it as a real gift from the most amazing Creator who I refer to as GOD! This gift was given to us originally so that we can have, do or experience whatever we desire! Yes, we all gravitate towards this good news and yes we all want it to be true but most of us rarely give it a go to see if it is really true for us as individuals!

This gift (i.e. the ability to create out of thin air whatever we desire) is so awesome that it costs us nothing to "give it a try" and we stand to gain everything when we see that this promise is indeed true! How spectacular is that?

Stress and worry kills your positive energy and puts a blog on the manifestation of your dreams so let your cares be light as a feather and put your faith into the magic that created all that is because that magic is real and all you have to do in order to see it is take a look around!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Real talk... When prayer fails you!

It is said by some...

This badge reflects a "fact" that is both true and false for me personally! It does seem, when I really, really, really need my prayers to result in me getting what I want or need (funny how wants come first, LOL) that prayer fails me the largest majority of the time! Looking at this logically I have to ponder why bother with prayer at all and for me it has become a habitual action that, like a drug addiction, I cannot quit even if I want to! In previous blog posts on this My Vision Board Online I reference never giving up and staying focused! This can be very difficult to do when you pray so hard and for so long only to see no results!

Every time I think about "giving up" on prayer I have a flash of the image above and the fear of being so close to what I want and need manifesting I always choose to stay the course! For me prayer works under a unique condition that I cannot always create or maintain! The condition is "MAKING A CLEAR CHOICE OF WHAT I WANT OR NEED AND NEVER ACCEPTING NO AS THE ANSWER, SO MUCH SO THAT I PRAY DAY AND NIGHT UNTIL IT MANIFESTS" as this is harder than it may seem! When I have done this though amazing things have happened! As I work to change my life I know that I must stay the course!

In the mid to late 1990's I prayed and asked GOD to send me a book that would give me a better understanding of who he was. Amazingly GOD led me to a book by Neale Donald Walsch titled - Conversations with GOD - and I love books 1 thru 3! In these books GOD gives real answers to many questions most people have and suggests that we "keep choosing the same thing over and over until our will becomes manifested" and to "stay focused and centered" so these words stick with me and keep me going! Really, emotions aside, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by praying diliently for what we desire until it manifests!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Going through bad things or having to wait may just be a blessing!

It is not my intention to "sugar coat" bad things happening or how much it sucks to have to wait for the things we truly desire as my only goal here on this blog is to share my own personal story as it evolves... In the earlier posts I outlined my desires or at least some of the major ones and I continue to pray daily (because I use prayer as my method of creation) for the manifestation of my choices into my reality. Today I want to shed some light on how I feel about bad things happening and having to wait!

AWARENESS... What does that mean to you? For me this question has evolved as the meaning seems to be getting more and more interesting the older I get! In this fast paced world we live in it can often be a challenge just to slow down and take 5 minutes to yourself much less spend any considerable amount of time in meditation or prayer! When bad things happen and/or we find ourselves waiting for what we choose "MOST OF US MAKE TIME TO INVEST INTO MEDIATION OR PRAYER" because our needs and wants outweigh the busy life that would otherwise consume us! When we experience a slow down in our lives because of bad things happening that make us reflect or seek new answers we are "open" for wisdom to make us more aware!

Additionally when we are in a state of waiting we usually spend more time in meditation or prayer and as a result are working to connect to the higher knowledge that we know in our hearts is there somewhere! This too opens us up to new awareness!

Those with a positive outlook on life often say that "EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING" and there is great wisdom in that thought process! Logically we cannot know or experience good without knowing and experiencing bad and likewise we cannot know hot without cold, up without down, light without heavy and so on... For me personally the bad things, looking back, were not really that bad and most increased my awareness and wisdom. Also when I find myself in a holding pattern waiting for what I want I am more focused and diligent towards getting it and as a result more open to new awareness and wisdom! This proves for me personally that every cloud does have a silver lining and that we have a choice on how we judge our own life experiences! Because of this I truly believe that there are blessings hidden in every single situation just waiting to be uncovered and acknowledged!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The physical realm verse the spiritual realm!

Today I realized, once again, that for me personally my power to create is based more in the spiritual realm than the physical realm so I want to share this thought process as it pertains to my ability to turn my vision board into physical reality. We all have experienced ourselves as "creators" on some level and for some of us we have seen first hand our ability to call forth and/or create out of thin air what others would deem to be miracles! Each soul, I believe, is here to experience itself as an individual aspect of divinity. The question we all must ask is "Are we better equipped to create from the physical realm or the spiritual realm?" as this may be one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. The answer may lead to both a better sense of freedom and more confidence in our abilities as a creator!

I share these blog posts for two primary reasons; 1. as an action of expression from my being out into the Universe using the means of the internet and 2. in hopes that my logic, which I admit is relative to me personally, strikes a cord for others and helps them in their own journey as a creator! Today I had a discussion with two people who are both friends and clients of mine... As I was trying to convince them of the logic I was sharing, that by the way was intended for their benefit, it hit me once again like a ton of bricks that my "ACTIONS WITHIN THE PHYSICAL REALM OF CREATION WAS NOT GETTING ME ANYWHERE" because, at least in theory, I am better suited for manifesting from the spiritual realm but let me explain that...

I believe that those people we see as successful and accomplished are experiencing what we judge as success because at some level of their being they have found or created their own niche as a creator. This niche is grounded in either the physical realm or the spiritual realm. People who are successful either focus their efforts based in the physical or the spiritual and in some people we can tell which one and in others we cannot. I can only make assumptions about others so let me share my logic by using myself as an example... Taking my history into account there is no question whatsoever that I am a conscious creator and a very good one at that! Personally speaking my path has led me to creating the physical reality I desire by using the spiritual realm. In other words, those things that I have really wanted in my life and have caused to come about and manifest derived from my focus on the spiritual realm and not the physical realm.

I have rarely, if ever, created what I have truly desired through the physical realm (i.e. through hard work, who I know, academic credentials, using my own financial resources, leveraging my business acumen or portfolio of completed work, etc...) and believe me when I tell you that I have tried very hard to do so! Almost every single significant manifestation into the physical realm for me personally has started as a sincere prayer telling my GOD and the Universe what it is I seek for myself and asking for assistance in its manifestation! In fact, it is my intentional determination using the power of the spoken word through prayer that has caused the physical manifestation of every significant thing in my life!

Today this wisdom hit me once again "LIKE A TON OF BRICKS" and for many of us we have to become aware, of our own accord, of wisdom before we can apply it to our benefit! Before I chose to blog about this on My Vision Board Online I did some self-evaluation... My self-evaluation concluded that my thought process is validated, at least for me personally. I assume it may be a valid fact for others as well! If you have been able to create the things you desire in your life through your hard work, who you know, academic credentials, your own financial resources or through leveraging yourself then you may be better at creating your reality through the physical realm. If on the other hand you have used prayer, visualization, meditation, sheer determination through discussions with yourself or other like kind activities then you are like me in that you are better at creating using the spiritual realm! These ramblings are just my thoughts put forth and I thank you for your warm positive energy projected my way!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Never give up on what you desire!

In the first three posts I outlined my primary desires for myself that "I WILL CREATE INTO MY REALITY" through the same diligence I have expressed from the core of my being many times! Every post since has been an expression of my dedication to seeing to completion my personal choices for myself at this stage in my life! The key to your success and mine is the same you know... "NEVER GIVE UP" and refuse to take no for an answer! You really do create from inside outward into the world we live in! Henry Ford said, whether you think you can or you think you cant, either way you are correct! The words "THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS" are not something you say and agree to they are very, very real!

The only way I have been able to manifest the things I want into my life personally has been through determining what I want then keep choosing those things to manifest into my reality until they actually do! Many, many times I have been successful at this and I am just like you with no special training or no particular dogma I adhere to! I know you can do it if you really want it! That burning desire inside either is natural or it has to be created through focused dedication to speaking forth from your being what you choose for yourself! I wish all the readers of my blog the very best of success in your lives!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Being clear about what I choose for myself in daily prayer!

Every spiritual text, motivational guru and self-help teacher say the same thing... Be clear about what you want for yourself and then once you are clear keep choosing it over and over until it manifests into your reality refusing to take no for an answer! This is "EXACTLY" how I have created out of thin air myself many times and now I am working to do so again! Below is an image I created representing the climb up in a luxury apartment building to represent the foundation and floors I am creating through making known my choices in prayer. My first three choices are my foundation and they are priceless to me as I have outlined in an earlier post. My second set of three choices are essential in creating the life I choose and my third set of three choices are the icing on the cake with ice cream so to speak to ensure my long-term maintenance of the life I have created for myself! I could use a different analogy however this one works fine for now!

I know that I am a creator and you are one too! We each have a choice to either believe in our own ability to create out of thin air or to allow the sub-conscious and conscious thoughts that have become routine to create our reality for us on auto-pilot! At 43 years of age I have chosen to be a conscious creator and while I have created my desires many times the seasons of life have not been as well managed by me as they could have been! In "Conversations with GOD by Neale Donald Walsch" GOD says that he wants what we want, nothing more and nothing less. GOD also says that if we do not like what we have created (i.e. our right now) to simply choose again and create a new reality! Since change is happening all the time we can either participate in "how" and "when" things change or chooser to let things happen!

I created the model above to visually depict what I have come to realize as my own personal truth! My own personal truth is a combination of what I feel inside and information that comes to me from outside resources that I strongly feel to be true for me! I know that "truth is relative" to each individual however how things work can be agreed upon! This is my 5th post to this vision board and I am so very happy to have this site to share my thoughts! Please wish me luck in my journey as I pray sincerely that everyone who sends a positive thought or prayer out from their being for me is blessed tremendously for it! Thank you!

Monday, August 5, 2013

My 4th post onto my vision board online, staying focused!

I watched a video today from Spirit Science that life is a cycle and in a cycle there are ups and downs however they should not be viewed as "bad" or "good" from a big picture view point. This is not to suggest that at times, especially before what you seek manifests, things are sometimes bad for they can be! One of the things that can be hard is staying focused on your intentions and goals! For me it is easy to allow "TIME" to convince me that things are not going my way however I admit that in a state of "not knowing" assumptions are no more accurate that a random guess! I therefore choose, from the core of my being to remain focused about what I want and intentional about choosing it over and over until it manifests!

Part of staying focused also includes "REFUSING TO TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER" and only accepting yes as the answer! Now we do not always get what we say we want however we do have the ability to influence our reality and the better we get at this the more likely we are to have a very real impact on the yeses being more abundant than the no's or maybes! I choose for yeses to be more frequent than no's and for my focus being on the Universe manifesting what I desire not the possibility that it may not be granted! The only decision maker here is me! I choose yes to all of my requests and choices!

No matter if you are alone or in the middle of chaos you can always pray! For me personally prayer is my method for creation and I pray diligently day and night in my own unique way! I pray because I know that GOD and the Universe hear me and that my words have the GOD given power to create out of thin air whatever I desire! Even when I am down, unsure, consumed by worry or fear I can always pray and prayer does make things much better! I have experienced first hand the awesome power of prayer! I encourage you to pray, even if and especially when things seem hopeless or even worse, not moving in your favor, that is the very best time to pray! I choose for my prayers to have an immediate positive impact in my life and for my conscious choices to take authority over all negative thoughts!

Thoughts are creative! Thoughts are a very important part of the reality we create! Our thoughts are far more powerful than we even realize and it is an accepted fact that each of us have over 60,000 thoughts per day! The question is how many of my thoughts are counter-productive verse how many are proactively positive? Then how many are just random... Good question and I do not have an answer however I am very aware that I must, for my own sake, be mindful of my thoughts. When a negative thought happens we can erase its power by replacing it immediately with a counter positive thought or a statement that the thought we just had does not serve us and therefore is not what we really choose! The process does get easier as it has for me! I choose to think in a positive way and to avoid obsessive, negative and fear based thinking as it will do me no good! I choose to stop each time I realize that a thought I just had was negative and present from my being a clear replacement! I know thoughts become things and it is my choice to be a better conscious creator!

My first three posts onto my vision board online outlined my most sincere desires and in this fourth post I am being very clear about what I choose for myself as I work to consciously create the reality I desire!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My 3rd entry into my vision board online!

In this 3rd entry into my vision board online I hereby make known the 3 top things that I consider priceless! I have been making known to the Universe my 9 primary choices and my top 3 leads off with "Wisdom" as it gives me a base knowledge to deal with and consciously create everything in my life! Wisdom is my first choice because it enables me to achieve my goals and build the life I choose starting with a solid foundation! I choose for wisdom to manifest into my reality daily because I believe wisdom to be the most solid foundation I can build in this life for myself!

The second of my 9 primary choices which I also deem to be priceless is "Peace of Mind" which derives from the "Complete Freedom" I choose for myself as my second choice! If it were not for the importance of wisdom complete freedom leading to peace of mind would be my first choice! All of the money and possessions in the world would never replace peace of mind for me! I choose for complete freedom and peace of mind to be my daily experience every day for the rest of my life and I consciously choose what I say, think and do to correspond with this choice!

The third of my 9 primary choices that I also deem to be priceless is "Health and Physical Fitness" as these go hand in hand and are considered by me to be the same! To enjoy this life and to live it fully I must choose and therefore do choose to be healthy and physically fit for the obvious benefits that brings to my life. I choose to be healthy and physically fit from the cellular level to the outer level of my body! Most people do not worry about their health or try to become fit until they have a problem whereas I am consciously aware that this needs to be a priority for me. I choose to be healthy and physically fit daily!

I will be adding to this vision board often however my "core choices" have been outlined so far in the first three posts! By posting this blog post so everyone can see it I am making an outward statement to the Universe of what I choose for myself! This is much different than a private vision board I hang on my wall in my office and while I am not sure yet of its benefits or lack thereof I am doing this to inspire others and to boldly present to the Universe what I choose for myself from the very core of my being! As you scroll down you will see what I have outlined and I believe that each of us are worthy of whatever we desire. Too many people simply do not believe they can have what they desire and many more have been told by their friends, family and society that they cannot possibly have what they desire! That is not true! I have created out of thin air many times what I desire and I will do so again and again and again!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Vision Board is Evolving

I am now moved into my new place and it feels really good! Though it is not the new home I visualize for myself it is nice just the same! In my first post I outlined the general things I visualize about and in this post I will get more detailed.

I love money! There I said it, LOL, and it is very true! I see money as a powerful tool that allows me to facilitate the type of "living" I choose to do. I use the term "living" because that is my choice, to live a full life! Most people, including me in my own past, only "exist" and existing is no way to live! Money is most likely one of the things people think about most. No matter if you are super rich or completely broke chances are money is on your mind more often than anything else with only a few exceptions! Money, like everything else in this Universe, is simply energy! Energy flows based on many factors from the extreme polar opposites Fear and Love! Chasing money only sends out a vibe or energy flow that you do not have enough of it and as a result it does not flow freely to you. Try instead to allow money to flow to you and through you! For me I choose for money to flow freely to me and through me in such abundant amounts that I can easily do everything I need to do, want to do and choose to do leisurely!

Having a really great circle of close friends is very important to me and I choose to be a great friend in return! I admit that I often push people away and for that I am sorry! In my heart of hearts I know that I am a great friend to others and that I want to have great friends in my own life! I choose for myself a diversity of awesome friends who are loving and caring!

I started this business some time ago called Elements Energy Solutions and while it is on the back burner for now I do visualize owning my own solar farm someday soon and to be a converter of SREC's (solar renewable energy certificates) on a national level which will require state and federal legislation to be passed in my favor! I do not feel anything is impossible once you set forth the vision as what you desire! I choose to own a solar farm and to be a leader in the renewable energy space on a national level!

As an alpha male and as a guy who, at 43, has never been married and who has no children, I have a passion for diversity on the dating scene. It may be ironic that I am no GQ model yet I seek to date model type women because most people would never see that about me however it is true! I find the beauty of women very appealing and I enjoy causally dating because I have not made the choice to settle down with one woman long-term. I have had some amazing girlfriends and they have all treated me well and put up with my faults. For me I choose to "mingle" and to "date causally" for the foreseeable future!

I love giving from my heart and it is a passion I want to pursue more diligently! Giving makes me feel good and I love to donate spontaneously to others! From giving to an individual in need to a cause, a charity, a civic organization to a church I love giving money to others! I choose to have the ability to give money to others anytime and in any quantity I choose!

Well this has been another snapshot into the visions of Johnny Bryan Giles and I am glad I created this online vision board!