Sunday, December 22, 2013

I want to share 7 truths with you today!

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you! If you like this post take time to read the archives...

Above is a creation of mine, a simple model really, of what I have experiences, witnessed and believe to be 7 powerful truths and I would like to share my thoughts on each...

1. We are Creators: At 43 years of age I have evolved as a spiritual being having a human experience and I "KNOW" myself as a creator. Recently I have been working to become a better conscious creator and and my first step towards this goal has been my sincere choice to call forth wisdom into my reality daily. The more wisdom I have received from within and substantiated from outside sources and my own experiences have caused me to believe that we are all creators and that we all have the ability to create in this life whatever we desire without limitation. I have experienced for myself that "What we can conceive, then believe, we can absolutely achieve" and this is an awesome awakening for me!

2. How we Create: Most of us, unfortunately, create through habitual unconscious thoughts, words and actions that we have become addicted to and that few of us seek to change. Usually because of some tragedy, loss or hardship we begin "searching" for our own power because inside we know deep within that we can create and this inner knowing has the ability to break through when we are ready for it to. I have experienced my words, my thoughts and my actions, individually and often collectively creating my physical reality. For me I noticed when I have powerful emotions in my words, thoughts and/or actions that whatever I am focused on manifests almost instantly. The "learning curve for me" is when I began seeing almost instant manifestations of what I refer to as the bad stuff (i.e. my fears coming true, things not working out because of worry, etc...). It took this happening many times before I began to see that the "emotions" and the "feelings" that are mixed with my words, thoughts or actions make them manifest faster. Now I am seeking to apply this knowledge for what I choose rather than for what I do not choose.

3. Truth is Relative: Good news right...? We do not all have to believe the exact same thing! While society has defined "right and wrong" through the creation of laws and standards of acceptance, when it comes to religious beliefs, dogmas, philosophy, what tastes good, what is good for us, what sports team is the best, etc... truth, at its core, is relative to each of us as individuals. I have added this to encourage you to open your hearts and minds to taking a look at the truths shared by others and even test them to see if they are true for you or not. If you are seeking wisdom you must be open to the truths shared by others and if you are not you have shut the door on what could possibly be your best discovery!

4. The answer is Yes: I know, its hard if not impossible to believe that the answer is yes to any desire, want or need you have but my experiences have repeatedly proven to me over and over that this is absolutely true! First I had to evolve past the notion that GOD or the Universe were giving, delaying or denying my requests and realize that "I am" the giver and the receiver and GOD and the Universe are the "Observers!" Logically if I give the power to anyone else to say yes or no I then become subject to their will and not my own. If I am to believe and accept that I am a creator then the will of others no longer applies. How I rationalize this is that "GOD IN HIS PERFECT WISDOM CREATED A SYSTEM THAT GIVES US THE SAME POWER HE HAS TO CREATE OUT OF THIN AIR WHATEVER WE CHOOSE" because otherwise he creates an enormous amount of work for him and the Universe to say yes, no, maybe but not now, etc... GOD, as the genius he is, created life for us to experience whatever we choose and this is too good for most people to believe as true. When you start waking up to this fact things become farm more awesome than you had ever imagined before!

5. We have a Choice: Love and Fear are polar opposites and our individual life experiences are based in one or the other with levels of variations between these two polar opposites. My experiences and those experiences I have witnessed in others see clear as day that we are "experiencing" our right now from a foundation of Love or Fear and that it is a choice. Most would argue that "I cannot control having fear" and my reply is that whatever you put after the word "I..." (example; I can..., I cannot..., I am..., I am not..., etc...) becomes your reality by your own creation. I personally started really small in testing the waters of this being true. I started "choosing" to feel good whenever I was feeling bad and 100% of the time my "choice" to feel good won out! Not 99%, 98% or even 75% but 100% of the time I was able, with very, very little effort at all, to change my bad mood or frustrations into a happy mood or carefree feeling.

6. Its all Energy: Thank science for proving this fact... Every single thing from the smallest particle to the largest star is energy! We are energy and everything around us, inside of us or that exists (i.e. to include money, materialism, love, fear, etc...) is energy! Like energy attracts like energy so if you are broke you are putting out a vibration that you are broke and so you stay broke! When you are happy you are putting forth a vibration of being happy and more things show up to make you happy. Since we can all control this vibrational state and since we are energy it is within our ability to change lack into prosperity, disease into health, fear into love and the list goes on. Test the waters for yourself and call forth the energy of money into your reality, first believing it is energy and that it can flow easily to you and see for yourself if it works! It works for me every time!

7. We are not Victims: For many people this shocking news is a deal breaker and they will immediate seek to validate why they were a victim. Instead of arguing why you are not a victim I will simply share that I have experienced for myself an awakening to the "fact" that at least for me my experiences have all been purposeful in making me the man I am today and that includes both the good and bad experiences! We are, in this life, the sum total of our experiences and how we choose to evolve as individuals. If you can accept that we are creators it is hard to argue that someone created a situation for you that you had no control over. The goal is not to beat ourselves up over the past or judge it endlessly but rather to see what truths it holds and what wisdom it gives if but we will receive it. Our souls are on a mission and while many of us may never truly know what that is I choose to believe that my mission is to become a better conscious creator while someone elses mission may be to bring someone to Christianity or to convert a wooded lot into a shopping mall. I now see for myself that the bad in my life experiences derived more from my personal choices and/or my thoughts/words/actions than what I had originally thought. The "bad" does several things for me... a. it gives me perspective, b. it gives me wisdom and c. it ensures that there is a "good" alternative I can create moving forward.

These 7 truths are relative to me, my experiences combined with logic and my personal beliefs! I realize the points of view of others may be completely different and I respect that! My only goal here is to stimulate thought provoking content for the benefit of others and myself! I pray in agreement with you that what-so-ever you choose, believing it is yours, it will come to pass!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

You are even more powerful of a creator than you realize!

A shout out to John Assaraf (from the movie The Secret) for his post this am on Facebook (I follow him) about an "Achieved Board" and I thought I would make this my subject for today. See John's post here;

Also follow John Assaraf on Facebook as he has many awesome shares daily and I love reading them!

John Assaraf was a key player in inspiring me to create this vision board online since I was in the process of moving and could not have one on the wall of my office at the time. Additionally I think sharing my thoughts with the world (or at least those who find my blog) is a statement of confidence when talking about my desires. In the "archives" of this blog, the earlier posts outline my vision for myself and lately I have shared more inspirational stuff!

Most people have a "BLANK" achievement award when in fact they should have hundreds of them if not thousands! You are even more powerful of a creator that you realize because your life is living proof of this when you take a closer look at it! Also every single Teacher, Spiritual Leader, Religious Text, etc... since recorded history began says that we create our own reality!

Have you ever had a prayer answered immediately? Yes, of course you have... Now it may seem too good to be true but this can happen more often than you think it can! Have you ever had a wish or dream manifest some time after you first had the dram or wish? Most likely that is a yes too... The amazing thing is that the moment you had the dream or wish you created that thing, experience, event, etc... out of thin air and it did in fact manifest later on!

Most of us worry about things endlessly and your own power of "creation" either brings those worries to reality or saves you from the worry becoming reality! The good news is that 99%+ of our worries never come to pass but why do we still worry? I think it is "habitual thinking" that we must seek to change. When we change the way we think our reality begins to change to support the new thoughts! There is awesome power within you! Seek it out and grow it!

Unsure of what to do? Seek wisdom daily and apply it when it shows up! Surround yourself with like minded people of the sort that you aspire to be or are growing to be! Believe in yourself and trust that the Universe will provide what you need when you need it and what you desire when you are clear about it! Thank you for reading my blog! Contact me anytime!