Sunday, December 25, 2016

Why Rock Bottom is a Blessing!

Are you at, or have you ever been at #RockBottom and feel/felt that it is/was the end of the world? Well, simply put, don't!

Rock Bottom is the best and most solid foundation to build back up upon and believe me when I tell you that rock bottom is a true blessing that you will look back on and see as one of the best places you could have ever been! When you are at rock bottom, here are just a few of the awesome realizations you may have when you see it as the blessing it is; a.) you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain because you have lost it all already! b.) the fake friends you have lost and the family members that turn you away are being cleaned out of your life on purpose as they do not deserve to be in your presence when you are on top again. c.) you worry less because the worry that you would lose things has passed because you have either lost them already or they are being cleaned out of your life as well and as a result you sleep better when you realize those things did not really matter that much anyway. d.) You are less discombobulated because life slows when you have less to do and less to do things with, but all of this is a real blessing you should be thankful for!

You can either keep doing the same things over and over again getting the same results or you can flow with the changes that come. You can even be the change you seek to be and you do this is very small steps that may at first seem meaningless however they are very big, as you will soon see! Embrace the changes in your life, good and bad and see them for what they really are be working your best to let go of the emotions attached to loss. I know this can be hard but it does get easier!

Sure, a lot of people who have made it already tel you to never give up however I will not song and dance you like that as my reasoning seems, at least to me, LOL, to be far more realistic! I suggest that you never give up on your dreams and that you dream as big and as hard as you can, as often as you can, because what do you have to lose? Look at it like this... You are where you are right now right? You often, likely just like me, think bad things and run negative what if scenarios in your mind, well then, you can change that negative expression of energy into a positive expression of energy by changing your thoughts, one at a time! When you think a fear based or negative thought, stop yourself, forgive yourself, and choose to think a thought of your wildest dream manifesting into your physical reality!

You, and every other man, woman and child on the face of this planet can and do create out of thin air every single day! We normally do this sub-consciously or by default thought patterns that are habitual and often negative! You are a creative being, with the ability to create whatsoever you desire and you have created your life today as it is now! By accepting that you created the life you now have you can then see that you can change it as it did not "happen to you" it happened because of you! We are not victims even if the reality we have come to believe in strongly suggests that we are. Your mission here, if you choose to accept it, is to become a conscious creator and to create your desires without limitation!

There is a lot more to be said but I will not bore you... See my other blog at;

Thursday, October 27, 2016

For Everyone who is Struggling Read and Relax

I am no longer embarrassed to admit that I have been down for a long time! My kind of rock bottom has, at times, drained me dry of any energy at all and I have repeatedly stated that I hate this life as I have been living it! As a conscious creator having created out of thin air the desires of my heart hundreds of times I "know" that when I make a decision as to what I truly desire, then stand on that in faith calling it forth until it manifests, never giving up, that I will experience its manifestation!

Over the last 41 months I have been calling forth into my physical reality (9) primary choices, the likes of which I have never called forth ever before as they are foundational by design. I have chosen to throw myself a Hail Merry of sorts and to refuse to settle, calling forth my true hearts desires as I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. The simple fact is I know that I can have, do, be and experience whatsoever I choose I just have to stay the course and keep the faith until the manifestation takes place.

In my frustrations for the time it has taken so far, not just the 41 months of prayer, but really 16 years of a rotten shit of an existence I would not wish on anyone, I began questioning, for real, why is my life so fucked up and terrible? I mean, really, nothing goes my way, ever! Are you kidding me GOD and the Universe?

As most of my realizations come from within, as I had vented my frustrations in prayer over and over, it came to me that my darkest times are actually my greatest blessings so let me explain that a little...

For me complacency is my worst enemy! If I have, just enough, or if I am, making ends meet and having a little fun, my motivation to seek real change in my life is great diminished!

For me, it is an absolute necessity for me to be down, at rock bottom, because otherwise I am not as motivated to create change in my life and as a result I will not intentionally seek to create the change my heart desires! In this my state of being at rock bottom and having nothing go my way is actually the greatest blessing!

I have known for some time now that once my choices manifest this time, my past troubles, sorrows and hard times will instantly become badges of honor that I will wear proudly!

Now, as clear as a beautiful Spring day, I see that what I hate the most in this life when I am down at rock bottom, at least for me, is the absolute cause of my new creations being determined, visualizes and then called forth by me into this physical realm. Out of the darkness of despair rises the phoenix out of the ashes!

It is really a matter of your own individual perspective as we all have the ability to "choose" how we see things in our lives as well as in the world around us as a whole!

Its like "my glass is half empty" or "my glass is half full" verses "I have a glass with something in it" and "I can add whatever I want to the glass anytime" and for everyone this realization may be uniquely different!

What seems logical to me though is that "OUR MOST DIFFICULT TIMES ARE THE FERTILE SOIL WHERE WE PLANT DESIRES LIKE SEEDS, WATERED BY FAITH" and when we believe we will see a harvest!

If you are reading this you are likely searching for something inspirational and I encourage you to consider that what you are now going through, is perfectly as it should be, especially if it is motivating you to seek change and to create a new reality for yourself!

Before I close... I know without any doubt whatsoever that we all, yes you too, can have whatsoever you desire and that once you make it known to God, the Universe or whomever, things begin to happen to make your desires manifest! Some things can happen instantly, some things takes days, weeks or even months and some thing may take years to manifest however going for it puts you in a position where you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by putting forth a sincere effort! You owe it to yourself to go for your dreams and even if you see no way for them to happen, a way can and will be made once you believe it can!

Suggestions for more inspiration; Conversations with GOD by Neale Donald Walsch Books 1, 2 and 3 especially, works by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ekhart Tolle, James Redding, Gary Zukav, the movies The Secret and What the Bleep do we know and so many others not mentioned herein that you will find on your search. Take from them what you feel to be fore you and bless and release the rest! I pray day and night in complete agreement with every man, woman and child on the face of this planet and I thank you for your prayers in agreement with me!

Friday, August 12, 2016

The positives behind the pain!

Yesterday afternoon I had the most awesome time with someone I really enjoy being around. A comment at the end of their visit to my home led me to a bad dream shortly after I went to sleep. I woke up and internally analyzed my "Feelings" because being true to myself I felt both pain and pleasure in these feelings that derived from my bad dream. Searching from within it seems that as you grow spiritually in your wisdom you realize that the polar opposites of #Pain and #Pleasure are often true at the same time instead of being at different ends of a sliding scale!

There are literally thousands of quotes and explanations by Guru's and Master's who arrived at the same conclusion throughout time. Today as I took a drive into the country to pray and meditate I pondered this reality of mine further, the reality where I seemingly enjoy the pain, so much so that I prolong it instead of seeking to stop it. Now this is not always true, certain types of pain are never enjoyable on a conscious level but lets take a look at the Soul level for a few minutes...

I believe that we all originated from the Source (call it whatsoever you choose as humanity has given it many names) and when we are in and with this Source we are in a state of pure joy. We know conceptually that pain exists and what it is but we have no clue as to how it feels. We must, as GOD says in Conversations with GOD book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch "call upon the darkness" where we leave the light of the Source for the darkness of a physical reality here on Earth (or somewhere else) so we can #Experience those things we know conceptually but not in actuality. In this we also evolve...

No one really knows anything much at ll, we make assumptions and gravitate towards what we each believe to be true, usually settling with what resonates with our being.

Sometimes, when in a place of experiencing something that sucks, is painful or that I simply do not like from an external point of view, I laugh to myself because somehow I realize and connect with the deeper part of myself that knows this is all just fun and games. It is up to me as to how seriously I take life and all of these experiences!

The positives behind the pain become obvious once your inner wisdom kicks in and you begin to see it for what it really is, a delicious experience that we can only have in a state of physical reality. This realization makes it easier to endure the pain while we seek out our more natural state of pleasure. To realize this is an awesome experience indeed! I could elaborate but the rest I will keep to myself for now... ;-)