Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Using the Power of Prayer and the Spoken Word

In this video I outline some of my thoughts on prayer...

No matter what you are going through right now, this too shall pass! I believe, because of my personal experiences, three key truths; 1. Prayer absolutely works and we can all use it and get better at it seeing better results as we evolve, 2. There is nothing beyond us and our only limitations are those we set and/or impose on ourselves and 3. GOD's design is perfect in everything even if we do not see its perfection immediately upon our review!

Jesus said... "These things and more shall ye also do!" and I believe he was referencing the fact that we all have the ability to create out of thin air whatever we desire using only the spoken word!

Now, be careful... What you choose for yourself when you pray brings with it a lot of "extras" that we normally do not think about in advance! It is wise to be very clear about what you want and then to pray about that often, so often in fact that when it arrives we are surprised! Also search out other tools, resources and information that confirms for you what you already believe to be true inside yourself! Here is a video that is really enjoyable!

The YouTube Channel "YouAreCreators" has an enormous amount of resources and information you may find enjoyable! Those who set their intentions, no matter what their outside world suggests, and then chooses the same things for themselves over and over they will absolutely manifest! Believe in yourself, believe in the power of prayer and enjoy the journey of creating your own reality consciously!

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