Monday, April 13, 2015

Staying the course no matter what!

On my other blog (see link below) I wrote a post also titled "Staying the course no matter what" and in this blog post I will elaborate!

In that blog post and at the link below you can read my 9 primary choices that make up my current personal prayer campaign that I have now been dedicated to for over 23 months!

Here is my elaboration that is more of an "open expression" as to how I feel about staying the course...

First, one may ask me... "Why have you been praying for something for 23+ months" and my answer is simple; I have always manifested whatever I choose as long as I never stop calling it forth in prayer until it manifests!

Second, another question may be "How do you pray" and my answer is a little more detailed; I pray today unlike I have prayed in the past! Today I pray in faith that I can call forth whatever I desire into manifestation because I am a creator with the GOD given authority to do so. In the past I have prayed different ways but I have evolved from "asking" for things to "claiming" them as mine!

Third, many may wonder why I have prayed for 23+ months and have not manifested what I desire yet? The simple answer is "I DO NOT HAVE A CLUE" but the good news is not every thing I call forth in prayer takes a long time. Some things take seconds, minutes or hours and other things take days, weeks and months and some take years! I never know or understand why, but I am sure it is me, not something or someone else causing it! Prayer works and has always worked for me! I have manifested hundreds of things into my physical reality, some out of thin air with overwhelming odds against me, but not every choice or prayer manifests (thank GOD)!

Fourth, why blog about it? Well, at first I just wanted to express myself openly and although I still do I think that the historical archives of my posts will be significant when everything comes full circle and especially when my 9 primary choices manifest!

Fifth, why share the intimate details of what I choose and call forth in prayer when many will laugh at me, call me crazy and even curse me? Well I have thought about not doing so, then I thought that I would just "forgive everyone in advance" who hates on me because haters are going to hate, LOL! :-) I have this desire to share my thoughts openly... I started this blog when I did not have a place to put a vision board, as suggested in the movie "The Secret" as a good idea to manifest your desires through the law of attraction. I also believe some may be inspired by my blog posts and my blogs do get a good bit of traffic!

Finally, as anyone who reads my archived blog posts will see, I am a real guy on a journey, just as lost as others, creating my own path rather than following the paths of others! I am my own solution and if I want change I have to be it! Thank you for reading!

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