Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Vision Board is Evolving

I am now moved into my new place and it feels really good! Though it is not the new home I visualize for myself it is nice just the same! In my first post I outlined the general things I visualize about and in this post I will get more detailed.

I love money! There I said it, LOL, and it is very true! I see money as a powerful tool that allows me to facilitate the type of "living" I choose to do. I use the term "living" because that is my choice, to live a full life! Most people, including me in my own past, only "exist" and existing is no way to live! Money is most likely one of the things people think about most. No matter if you are super rich or completely broke chances are money is on your mind more often than anything else with only a few exceptions! Money, like everything else in this Universe, is simply energy! Energy flows based on many factors from the extreme polar opposites Fear and Love! Chasing money only sends out a vibe or energy flow that you do not have enough of it and as a result it does not flow freely to you. Try instead to allow money to flow to you and through you! For me I choose for money to flow freely to me and through me in such abundant amounts that I can easily do everything I need to do, want to do and choose to do leisurely!

Having a really great circle of close friends is very important to me and I choose to be a great friend in return! I admit that I often push people away and for that I am sorry! In my heart of hearts I know that I am a great friend to others and that I want to have great friends in my own life! I choose for myself a diversity of awesome friends who are loving and caring!

I started this business some time ago called Elements Energy Solutions and while it is on the back burner for now I do visualize owning my own solar farm someday soon and to be a converter of SREC's (solar renewable energy certificates) on a national level which will require state and federal legislation to be passed in my favor! I do not feel anything is impossible once you set forth the vision as what you desire! I choose to own a solar farm and to be a leader in the renewable energy space on a national level!

As an alpha male and as a guy who, at 43, has never been married and who has no children, I have a passion for diversity on the dating scene. It may be ironic that I am no GQ model yet I seek to date model type women because most people would never see that about me however it is true! I find the beauty of women very appealing and I enjoy causally dating because I have not made the choice to settle down with one woman long-term. I have had some amazing girlfriends and they have all treated me well and put up with my faults. For me I choose to "mingle" and to "date causally" for the foreseeable future!

I love giving from my heart and it is a passion I want to pursue more diligently! Giving makes me feel good and I love to donate spontaneously to others! From giving to an individual in need to a cause, a charity, a civic organization to a church I love giving money to others! I choose to have the ability to give money to others anytime and in any quantity I choose!

Well this has been another snapshot into the visions of Johnny Bryan Giles and I am glad I created this online vision board!

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