Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My 3rd entry into my vision board online!

In this 3rd entry into my vision board online I hereby make known the 3 top things that I consider priceless! I have been making known to the Universe my 9 primary choices and my top 3 leads off with "Wisdom" as it gives me a base knowledge to deal with and consciously create everything in my life! Wisdom is my first choice because it enables me to achieve my goals and build the life I choose starting with a solid foundation! I choose for wisdom to manifest into my reality daily because I believe wisdom to be the most solid foundation I can build in this life for myself!

The second of my 9 primary choices which I also deem to be priceless is "Peace of Mind" which derives from the "Complete Freedom" I choose for myself as my second choice! If it were not for the importance of wisdom complete freedom leading to peace of mind would be my first choice! All of the money and possessions in the world would never replace peace of mind for me! I choose for complete freedom and peace of mind to be my daily experience every day for the rest of my life and I consciously choose what I say, think and do to correspond with this choice!

The third of my 9 primary choices that I also deem to be priceless is "Health and Physical Fitness" as these go hand in hand and are considered by me to be the same! To enjoy this life and to live it fully I must choose and therefore do choose to be healthy and physically fit for the obvious benefits that brings to my life. I choose to be healthy and physically fit from the cellular level to the outer level of my body! Most people do not worry about their health or try to become fit until they have a problem whereas I am consciously aware that this needs to be a priority for me. I choose to be healthy and physically fit daily!

I will be adding to this vision board often however my "core choices" have been outlined so far in the first three posts! By posting this blog post so everyone can see it I am making an outward statement to the Universe of what I choose for myself! This is much different than a private vision board I hang on my wall in my office and while I am not sure yet of its benefits or lack thereof I am doing this to inspire others and to boldly present to the Universe what I choose for myself from the very core of my being! As you scroll down you will see what I have outlined and I believe that each of us are worthy of whatever we desire. Too many people simply do not believe they can have what they desire and many more have been told by their friends, family and society that they cannot possibly have what they desire! That is not true! I have created out of thin air many times what I desire and I will do so again and again and again!

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