Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Do whatever you can to make your dreams come true!

Dreams... We all have them and I am referring to the ones where we "think" about what we want our lives to be like! Here's some good news... Everyone, or almost everyone, LOL, who has a life that you aspire to, when asked how they reached it, will, if they are honest, tell you that it was "MAGIC" and that they are so amazed at how things seem to work out when they choose to refuse to take no as the answer!

We each of us hold in our hands (literally and figuratively) the very real power to create out of thin air whatever we desire but most of us never put this promise into practice enough to see it as a real gift from the most amazing Creator who I refer to as GOD! This gift was given to us originally so that we can have, do or experience whatever we desire! Yes, we all gravitate towards this good news and yes we all want it to be true but most of us rarely give it a go to see if it is really true for us as individuals!

This gift (i.e. the ability to create out of thin air whatever we desire) is so awesome that it costs us nothing to "give it a try" and we stand to gain everything when we see that this promise is indeed true! How spectacular is that?

Stress and worry kills your positive energy and puts a blog on the manifestation of your dreams so let your cares be light as a feather and put your faith into the magic that created all that is because that magic is real and all you have to do in order to see it is take a look around!

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