Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Believe in Yourself!

All things are possible however there is one simple rule... It is the "Golden Rule" and it is very true!

The Golden Rule... Those with the GOLD... RULE!

The first step to your own personal success is "believing in yourself" and this is also one of the most challenging tasks you will ever take on! The world is full of negativity and if you let it, it will take you over and consume you! The fact is all things are possible and if you let go of fear you see there is nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thoughts create things and you bring about what you think about! YouTube is full of positive videos, speakers like Les Brown and many others where you can get a "shot of positive energy" however the road to success is under your control!

Your road to success requires you to make decisions and sometimes the decision is as easy to make as a right or left turn! Other times you find yourself in a jungle and you have to create your own road.... At times you walk the roads of others for a while until you are unsatisfied enough to look for a new road or build a new road! The key is to always do something! Never give up on yourself or your dreams!

In life many things seem "impossible" however all of those "things" are telling you something... They are telling your heart "I'm" "Possible" if you just listen! DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT... Ask yourself three simple questions; 1. Are there healthy, wealthy and happy people living today? The answer is yes and you are just as deserving to be one as they are! 2. Are there countless stories from very real people who simply refused no as the answer and as a result either found or created the life they desired? The answer is yes and you can be one of those people too! 3. Why does your inner voice otherwise known as your heart keep telling you that life is magical and you can have what you desire? The answer is because your inner voice (i.e. your heart) knows its connection to everything and does not believe in the impossible!

The decision is yours, you can accept life as it is right now or you can choose to "Make it Happen" and do everything in your power to do so! Personally I have been on a mission for some time to create "out of thin air" what I choose for myself! I refuse to take no for an answer and when I find myself in a place where it seems I cannot do anything I can always pray and keep a positive attitude! These two things alone have manifested my desires many times! Read my blog posts and the archives to see what I have shared on this vision board online! May you reach your goals with GOD's speed!

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