Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Never, ever, ever give up on your dreams! This is why...

It is said...

Wise men and women from the beginning of recorded history have all said the same thing... "Be ever diligent" and refuse to take or accept no as the answer and you will achieve great things! For me personally the combination of two things (as I have stated before) 1. making a clear choice on what it is I choose to have, experience or possess and 2. calling it forth (I use prayer for this) until it manifests have always resulted in me getting those things! As I have evolved as a man, now at the age of 43, it has taken me "TIME" to gain confidence in this technique and to believe that there are no limitations to what I can accomplish. I truly believe that if you have doubt in your heart that alone is the greatest killer of your dreams!

"YOU" yes you, are your best advocate! You are and have always been your best resource! Help from "out there" rarely comes and when it does it is never really as good as you would want it to be right? You and you alone have the ability to make your life into whatever you choose it to be! Pick a technique or strategy or even better create one and then stand by it day and night until it works for you! For me, as I have said here in the blog many times, I use "Prayer" to manifest into my reality what I desire by "TELLING GOD AND THE UNIVERSE WHAT I CHOOSE TO HAVE AND EXPERIENCE" as I believe it to be my birth right to experience anything I want!

I believe that the "spoken word" was used by GOD to create the Universe and all that is in it! I also believe that the Universe is charged with manifesting whatever we desire as it was created by GOD for that purpose! Because of this I "PRAY" throughout the day and night to call forth into my reality what I choose and desire for myself! I do not "ask" GOD for things, except to expedite what I am calling forth, LOL, I simply make it "known" what I seek for myself in this life. When I am diligent and do not change my mind I have always created out of thin air what I desire. Some things are instant, some things take hours, days, weeks, months or years but it is my diligence that ensures what I choose will manifest!

While this will go against most religious beliefs and dogmas I believe GOD's answer is always "YES!" to whatever we desire! Logically how could it be anything else yet most people do not believe this for two primary reasons; 1. they believe that this awesome promise is too good to be true and 2. they believe that GOD spends his time saying yes to some things, no to others and maybe but not now to others and that for me is insane! In Conversations with GOD by Neale Donald Walsch GOD tells Neale this very thing! Having been created in GOD's likeness and image we can have whatever we set our minds to and this promise, even GOD realizes, is too good to be true for most people to believe!

It is free to pray and prayer is the most easy task anyone can do regularly! So why not use it... There is great power in prayer but instead of asking for this or that, try praying for this or that to manifest because you choose it to as asking for it only pushes it away from us! So here is the challenge... Make a list of what you desire and then pray it forth until it manifests then repeat for the new things you desire and repeat again... This is your greatest gift you know, the power to create out of thin air whatever you choose simply by making the choice and standing by it until it manifests!

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  1. Johnny,

    I so appreciate your generous heart. Love the new Blog. It really inspries me...especially since the last couple days, I have
    been in the dumps and not feeling very Universe worthy.

    Thanks for reminding me to never give up!

    Your grateful friend,