Friday, August 8, 2014

Three steps to manifestation!

It has been said many times before and in many different ways however the truth of it is still the same... Thoughts Become Things!

Allowing yourself to believe in your own magic is essential to your success in being a creator! You were created to create! You create your own reality even if you do not realize it! The three steps to manifestation, for me in my experience, is;
1. Have the thought of the thing I choose to have, be or experience...
2. Visualize this thought often and call it forth using prayer or meditation believing you can have it because it exists and it is yours already...
3. Allow it to manifest into your reality via the natural flow of energy by not trying to figure out the hows or whens. Simply let the Universe figure out the hows and whens and believe it will come...

You can open new doors every single day and you are the creator of your reality! Keep searching because anyone who asks receives, anyone who knocks the door is open and anyone who seeks will find! These words are not just words that are powerful truths spoken throughout man's history!

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