Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to use the words "I AM" authentically to create the reality you choose!

Using the words "I AM" can have a very powerful impact in your life and in your ability to create out of thin air what so ever you choose! Saying the words "I AM" without believing in your heart they words are true can be a problem though. The video above outlines my personal belief that the words "I AM" are true for three different reasons;
1. My "I AM" statement is true because in the highest version of the highest vision and thoughts I have about what I desire the thing already exists and is rightfully mine so the words are true.
2. My "I AM" statement is true because the thing exists in the spiritual realm where I am calling it forth into the physical realm using my faith and visualization.
3. My "I AM" statement is true because the thing is my reality in the physical realm now having manifested through thoughts, prayers, etc...

Because of these 3 things my "I AM" statements are actually and authentically true!

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