Monday, August 5, 2013

My 4th post onto my vision board online, staying focused!

I watched a video today from Spirit Science that life is a cycle and in a cycle there are ups and downs however they should not be viewed as "bad" or "good" from a big picture view point. This is not to suggest that at times, especially before what you seek manifests, things are sometimes bad for they can be! One of the things that can be hard is staying focused on your intentions and goals! For me it is easy to allow "TIME" to convince me that things are not going my way however I admit that in a state of "not knowing" assumptions are no more accurate that a random guess! I therefore choose, from the core of my being to remain focused about what I want and intentional about choosing it over and over until it manifests!

Part of staying focused also includes "REFUSING TO TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER" and only accepting yes as the answer! Now we do not always get what we say we want however we do have the ability to influence our reality and the better we get at this the more likely we are to have a very real impact on the yeses being more abundant than the no's or maybes! I choose for yeses to be more frequent than no's and for my focus being on the Universe manifesting what I desire not the possibility that it may not be granted! The only decision maker here is me! I choose yes to all of my requests and choices!

No matter if you are alone or in the middle of chaos you can always pray! For me personally prayer is my method for creation and I pray diligently day and night in my own unique way! I pray because I know that GOD and the Universe hear me and that my words have the GOD given power to create out of thin air whatever I desire! Even when I am down, unsure, consumed by worry or fear I can always pray and prayer does make things much better! I have experienced first hand the awesome power of prayer! I encourage you to pray, even if and especially when things seem hopeless or even worse, not moving in your favor, that is the very best time to pray! I choose for my prayers to have an immediate positive impact in my life and for my conscious choices to take authority over all negative thoughts!

Thoughts are creative! Thoughts are a very important part of the reality we create! Our thoughts are far more powerful than we even realize and it is an accepted fact that each of us have over 60,000 thoughts per day! The question is how many of my thoughts are counter-productive verse how many are proactively positive? Then how many are just random... Good question and I do not have an answer however I am very aware that I must, for my own sake, be mindful of my thoughts. When a negative thought happens we can erase its power by replacing it immediately with a counter positive thought or a statement that the thought we just had does not serve us and therefore is not what we really choose! The process does get easier as it has for me! I choose to think in a positive way and to avoid obsessive, negative and fear based thinking as it will do me no good! I choose to stop each time I realize that a thought I just had was negative and present from my being a clear replacement! I know thoughts become things and it is my choice to be a better conscious creator!

My first three posts onto my vision board online outlined my most sincere desires and in this fourth post I am being very clear about what I choose for myself as I work to consciously create the reality I desire!

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