Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Being clear about what I choose for myself in daily prayer!

Every spiritual text, motivational guru and self-help teacher say the same thing... Be clear about what you want for yourself and then once you are clear keep choosing it over and over until it manifests into your reality refusing to take no for an answer! This is "EXACTLY" how I have created out of thin air myself many times and now I am working to do so again! Below is an image I created representing the climb up in a luxury apartment building to represent the foundation and floors I am creating through making known my choices in prayer. My first three choices are my foundation and they are priceless to me as I have outlined in an earlier post. My second set of three choices are essential in creating the life I choose and my third set of three choices are the icing on the cake with ice cream so to speak to ensure my long-term maintenance of the life I have created for myself! I could use a different analogy however this one works fine for now!

I know that I am a creator and you are one too! We each have a choice to either believe in our own ability to create out of thin air or to allow the sub-conscious and conscious thoughts that have become routine to create our reality for us on auto-pilot! At 43 years of age I have chosen to be a conscious creator and while I have created my desires many times the seasons of life have not been as well managed by me as they could have been! In "Conversations with GOD by Neale Donald Walsch" GOD says that he wants what we want, nothing more and nothing less. GOD also says that if we do not like what we have created (i.e. our right now) to simply choose again and create a new reality! Since change is happening all the time we can either participate in "how" and "when" things change or chooser to let things happen!

I created the model above to visually depict what I have come to realize as my own personal truth! My own personal truth is a combination of what I feel inside and information that comes to me from outside resources that I strongly feel to be true for me! I know that "truth is relative" to each individual however how things work can be agreed upon! This is my 5th post to this vision board and I am so very happy to have this site to share my thoughts! Please wish me luck in my journey as I pray sincerely that everyone who sends a positive thought or prayer out from their being for me is blessed tremendously for it! Thank you!

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