Saturday, August 24, 2013

The physical realm verse the spiritual realm!

Today I realized, once again, that for me personally my power to create is based more in the spiritual realm than the physical realm so I want to share this thought process as it pertains to my ability to turn my vision board into physical reality. We all have experienced ourselves as "creators" on some level and for some of us we have seen first hand our ability to call forth and/or create out of thin air what others would deem to be miracles! Each soul, I believe, is here to experience itself as an individual aspect of divinity. The question we all must ask is "Are we better equipped to create from the physical realm or the spiritual realm?" as this may be one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. The answer may lead to both a better sense of freedom and more confidence in our abilities as a creator!

I share these blog posts for two primary reasons; 1. as an action of expression from my being out into the Universe using the means of the internet and 2. in hopes that my logic, which I admit is relative to me personally, strikes a cord for others and helps them in their own journey as a creator! Today I had a discussion with two people who are both friends and clients of mine... As I was trying to convince them of the logic I was sharing, that by the way was intended for their benefit, it hit me once again like a ton of bricks that my "ACTIONS WITHIN THE PHYSICAL REALM OF CREATION WAS NOT GETTING ME ANYWHERE" because, at least in theory, I am better suited for manifesting from the spiritual realm but let me explain that...

I believe that those people we see as successful and accomplished are experiencing what we judge as success because at some level of their being they have found or created their own niche as a creator. This niche is grounded in either the physical realm or the spiritual realm. People who are successful either focus their efforts based in the physical or the spiritual and in some people we can tell which one and in others we cannot. I can only make assumptions about others so let me share my logic by using myself as an example... Taking my history into account there is no question whatsoever that I am a conscious creator and a very good one at that! Personally speaking my path has led me to creating the physical reality I desire by using the spiritual realm. In other words, those things that I have really wanted in my life and have caused to come about and manifest derived from my focus on the spiritual realm and not the physical realm.

I have rarely, if ever, created what I have truly desired through the physical realm (i.e. through hard work, who I know, academic credentials, using my own financial resources, leveraging my business acumen or portfolio of completed work, etc...) and believe me when I tell you that I have tried very hard to do so! Almost every single significant manifestation into the physical realm for me personally has started as a sincere prayer telling my GOD and the Universe what it is I seek for myself and asking for assistance in its manifestation! In fact, it is my intentional determination using the power of the spoken word through prayer that has caused the physical manifestation of every significant thing in my life!

Today this wisdom hit me once again "LIKE A TON OF BRICKS" and for many of us we have to become aware, of our own accord, of wisdom before we can apply it to our benefit! Before I chose to blog about this on My Vision Board Online I did some self-evaluation... My self-evaluation concluded that my thought process is validated, at least for me personally. I assume it may be a valid fact for others as well! If you have been able to create the things you desire in your life through your hard work, who you know, academic credentials, your own financial resources or through leveraging yourself then you may be better at creating your reality through the physical realm. If on the other hand you have used prayer, visualization, meditation, sheer determination through discussions with yourself or other like kind activities then you are like me in that you are better at creating using the spiritual realm! These ramblings are just my thoughts put forth and I thank you for your warm positive energy projected my way!

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