Thursday, August 29, 2013

Going through bad things or having to wait may just be a blessing!

It is not my intention to "sugar coat" bad things happening or how much it sucks to have to wait for the things we truly desire as my only goal here on this blog is to share my own personal story as it evolves... In the earlier posts I outlined my desires or at least some of the major ones and I continue to pray daily (because I use prayer as my method of creation) for the manifestation of my choices into my reality. Today I want to shed some light on how I feel about bad things happening and having to wait!

AWARENESS... What does that mean to you? For me this question has evolved as the meaning seems to be getting more and more interesting the older I get! In this fast paced world we live in it can often be a challenge just to slow down and take 5 minutes to yourself much less spend any considerable amount of time in meditation or prayer! When bad things happen and/or we find ourselves waiting for what we choose "MOST OF US MAKE TIME TO INVEST INTO MEDIATION OR PRAYER" because our needs and wants outweigh the busy life that would otherwise consume us! When we experience a slow down in our lives because of bad things happening that make us reflect or seek new answers we are "open" for wisdom to make us more aware!

Additionally when we are in a state of waiting we usually spend more time in meditation or prayer and as a result are working to connect to the higher knowledge that we know in our hearts is there somewhere! This too opens us up to new awareness!

Those with a positive outlook on life often say that "EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING" and there is great wisdom in that thought process! Logically we cannot know or experience good without knowing and experiencing bad and likewise we cannot know hot without cold, up without down, light without heavy and so on... For me personally the bad things, looking back, were not really that bad and most increased my awareness and wisdom. Also when I find myself in a holding pattern waiting for what I want I am more focused and diligent towards getting it and as a result more open to new awareness and wisdom! This proves for me personally that every cloud does have a silver lining and that we have a choice on how we judge our own life experiences! Because of this I truly believe that there are blessings hidden in every single situation just waiting to be uncovered and acknowledged!

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